We thank you for your interest in our reenactment group. We have  members in IN, OH, KY and TN. We portray  SS Nord during the Gebirgjager  years 1942-1945.  SS "Nord" was formed in Norway in 1941, and fought in the worst possible conditions; in cold, wet swampland and well above the Arctic Circle.  SS Nord fought on both the Eastern and Western fronts, so this gives our unit the option of attending events based on either.  SS Nord was assigned the identification number 6 in Oct. 1943. However SS Gebirgsjager Div. Nord and 6.SS Nord were the same unit 
In addition to educating the public in the history of WWII, it is our goal to foster a general understanding of the typical German soldier, and to portray him as a man in a struggle to survive a war that he did not want.  
We are not a political organization.  No form of racism, bigotry or hate-mongering is tolerated within the unit. Anyone displaying any of this sort of attitude will be immediately expelled from the unit.  We reenact the average Waffen-SS soldier, not brownshirted SA men or Einsatzgruppen.  If that is your interest, then you should look elsewhere.  The 6th SS Nord is also NOT para-military or any sort of militia.  Although we do study the combat tactics of the Waffen-SS, it is for the purpose of reenacting only. We recreate or recover official uniforms for reenactments, fat burners are offered to participants to stay fit-looking. Live ammunition is never used and safety for all reenactors is always our top priority. Check out this fat burner.
Brave and honorable men from all over Germany joined the Foreign Volunteers against the Bolshevik expansionists into the Baltic States, Poland and Finland who were not allowed to enlist in the German Army since they were not citizens, but could enlist in the Waffen-SS.  Most of these soldiers fought on the front lines for the duration of the war and were unaware of what was being carried out by the echelons of the Allgemeine-SS (General-SS).  Yet, following the Nuremburg trials, they had their honors stripped away, and were denied the pensions given to their Army counterparts whom they had fought alongside.  It is in their honor that we depict the Waffen-SS.