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Why You Need a Solid Binary Options Trade Strategy?

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Binary Options, Strategies, Tips, Traders | Comments Off on Why You Need a Solid Binary Options Trade Strategy?

Trading in binary options is one of the most profitable businesses, but you must have a proper strategy to secure your gain. Without a proper strategy, binary options are not different from gambling, so you need a reliable technique to increase your chances of winning or you can use the reliable auto trading software.

Betting and Market Oriented Strategies

There are many available strategies all over the Internet, but before rushing into applying all of them, you should know the purpose of each strategy. There are two major models – betting and market-oriented strategies. The first class is specially designed for casual traders and such strategies are based on money management, not on market analysis. If you are a casual binary options trader, you may find such strategies to be valuable as they will increase the probability of successful trade. From another side, if you do not have faith in luck, or you simply want to rely on statistics, you should use strategies that are based upon research.  Such strategies are more complex, and they demand technical and economic knowledge, but they are more reliable and precise. If you are looking forward to attain real success in binary options trades, you should use market-oriented strategies. A binary options trading is relatively simple and offers relevant strategies for all kind of traders, regardless their expertise or motives.

 Most Popular Binary Option Strategies

 The most popular strategy among binary options traders is simply “Call” or “Put” strategy that made to defend a trader from total loss of investment. You may apply this strategy in various ways, but the most common is to select asset and chose a general direction as a starting point. If you, for example, choose “Call” option you will also place a bet on “Put”, minimizing the risk. If you want to choose a deeper approach in order to make a prediction more
possible, you will need to get info about the company, income statement, balance sheet or any relevant factor that may be important for defining your prediction. In such strategy, you are trying to see the entire picture of the business and project future tendencies. It is similar to a technical strategy where you need to compare the past results to forecast the future tendencies.

There are many variations of those two basic binary options trade strategies like Straddle Strategy, Pinocchio strategy, Simple Trend Strategy, Risk Reversal Strategy or Algorithmic strategy. Try to learn all relevant details of such techniques, then test them on demo accounts and apply to real trades if they fit into your plan. It is also important to have a clear goal before applying such strategies, as they are designed to fulfill different needs of binary options traders.

Having a solid Binary Options trade strategy will make your investment more reliable and stress-free on a daily basis. As you advance in understanding binary options trading, you will realize that the real freedom and power comes with precise information. Therefore a proper understanding of current financial trends will lead to successful trades.


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Binary Options Trade Secrets – Opposite Direction Strategy

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Binary Options, Strategies, Tips, Traders | Comments Off on Binary Options Trade Secrets – Opposite Direction Strategy

To simplify the entire trading process, reach the largest trading flexibility and get minimal financial risk you need to develop a reliable trading strategy. Having a solid strategy will give you better control of your binary options trades and increase the chance that your trade will end as a successful one. One of the best strategies that you can use in binary options trade is a strategy that uses extreme values of the price and so-called law of opposite direction.

What is the law of opposite direction?

The price in binary options trade may only have two directions – up or down. With that concept, it is not hard to conclude that the price must, sooner or later, change the value in opposite direction. Let us give a simple example on a current silver price that is $540 on a market. If the current trend is the rise of a price it may gradually attain $560, but in not so distant future, the price must change the value in opposite direction, and that is so-called fall of the price.  In other words, a law of opposite direction tells that the price of an asset will rise upon its fall and fall upon a period of growth. That is a basic presumption of this method that tries to predict when the price will take opposite direction and capitalize upon such understanding.

Practical implementation of strategy

We will give you an exact strategy blueprint that you can use in your trades. The first step is to choose a general direction, it can be either “Call” or “Put” direction, but be sure to choose just one and stick to your decision.  If you are switching between “Call” and “Put” options you may become confused with too many factors, so it is the safest to choose just one and invest in it. Next step is picking an asset and observing trends. You should notice a period of a sudden direction changes in price and see how often they occurred. Experienced traders know that a sudden shift of the direction has a specific pattern, so you need to wait until price reach its projected largest or minimum value and invest in the opposite. You can consider using signals to check your assumption, or you may fully automate this process by using binary options trade robot.

Opposite Direction Strategy Variation

If you want to decrease risk with this method, you may use modified version where you are placing a second trade in opposite direction then your general direction. If you invested 100$ in a “Put” option, you would secure a profit by placing $100 on “Call” option within the same trade. There are two possible outcomes of such scenario. If the price falls over the both values, you will still make some money as it will always stay within a selected range and loss will be minimal. In this case, you will gain $150, and a total loss would be $50. But, if market’s price stays between outlined options, you would get $410. That is exactly why binary options trades are so popular; therefore start to trade right now by visiting!


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Three types of binary option traders

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Binary Options, Tips, Traders | Comments Off on Three types of binary option traders

The most important thing to know at the beginning of adventuring in binary options trades is what you want to get? If it is just fun and occasional profit, you can look at the process to be more or less lucky guess, but if you are thinking about binary options trade regarding serious business, then there are many issues that you need to discover. Do you want to have some fun or you are looking for serious business? Based on answers to such questions, there are different types of traders that are using binary options trades for different purposes; read the article and find what kind of trader you are on

#1: Casual Traders

The first type of binary options traders may be described as casual traders that are using this as fun. Of course, there is a wish to make some profit, but they do not see binary options trade to be a serious business, nor do they want to invest the bigger amount of money. Principally, they do not know the laws of trade, tactics; more they are paying attention to bankroll management.  Match bonuses offered by brokers are directed toward this group with the aim to increase the total amount of invested money in trading. The motivation for such bonuses is very well planned – a trader who does not know much about proper investment would lose more money than an average trader.

#2: Gamblers and Risk-takers

The second group of binary options traders is fascinated with endless possibilities of such trade, but they lack practical understanding and realistic plan, gamblers are relying on luck, they are trying to get a lot of money in few stakes and do not have developed an investment strategy. Some traders are actually gamblers that accepted binary options trade to be just another casino game like poker or roulette. The risk takers are obsessive traders that are not investing according to economic limits or current occurrences on the market, but they are trying to overcome risk cause by random or chaotic guesses.  Such attempts may be successful in some cases, but the most usually seen scenario is that they bite a more than they can stand and burn out their bankroll.

#3: Dedicated Traders

Dedicated or serious binary options traders are those people that realized the full potential of this trade and they are willing to invest time, energy and money in learning all that can about binary trading. If you want to start making some serous profit, it is obligatory to come to this point when you accept binary options trades as a real job and such trading as a serious business. Dedicated traders are much disciplined in daily activities, market analysis, and bankroll management. Unfortunately, the majority of binary options traders fall into first two groups. Serious binary options traders are not compulsive in their actions, but rational. They act according to well-defined strategy and most of their time is invested in research and planning rather than pure action.

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Binary Trading Options and Risk Control

Posted by on Jul 4, 2016 in Binary Options, Risk Management, Strategies, Traders | Comments Off on Binary Trading Options and Risk Control


Wise money management is a crucial skill that you must master in the art of successful binary options trading that involves controlling, reducing and limiting risks. In general, the risk is the primary element of monetary investment, but control of the risk is essential if you want to be successful in binary trading options.

The name of the game – risk!

Even the most careful traders know the secret – there is no risk-free trade! Every trade has a certain risk ratio, or possibility to generate loss at the end of the transaction. Clever binary options trader tries to understand that principle, to adopt it and modify to control such process and generate profit. The calculated approach is the only correct way of investment; risky, hazardous guessing leads only to frustration. It is true that binary trading options are capable of generating huge profit within a short period, but you must know how to skip the perils that may lure you in a critical situation.

How to limit risk?

Trading binary options is very easy, but it is not so easy to control the rate of your investment. That requires intelligent money management and practical strategy. It is a breaking point, a line that separates a successful binary options trader from a looser. Try to understand that trading is a real challenge where you must possess certain skills and knowledge to be successful. Invest in knowledge, learn about binary options trading strategies and try to understand how the really system works. A proper account management is there to give you freedom and security in action rather than to burden you with the uncertainty of investment.

Stay focused!

To lower risk in binary options trading, you must learn to be alert and focused on what is now happening in a market. It is not possible to make a profit on auto-pilot, you need to follow different indicators and make decisions according to such parameters. It is easy to get distracted, especially if you do not know what is happening on a screen. Therefore, it is important to have basic understandings of fundamental economy principles and strategies. Beware of many so-called experts that offer easy solution and magical systems for instant success in binary options trading, usually such schemes are just nicely wrapped guides that offer nothing more than basic advice and poorly described betting techniques.

Before you can start trading binary options, you need to select a trustworthy broker. This is especially important today, because if you pick an unpredictable broker, you could find yourself losing cash as your orders may be completed with altered prices. You should be careful about accepting bonuses from brokers, it can be quite tempting as brokers sometimes offer hundreds of dollars in bonus money, but always be sure to check all aspects to avoid withdrawal complications. At the end of the day, you may conclude that binary options are a serious business, a venture that is not relying on pure luck or gambling, but on rational thinking, logic, and strategy.


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Do You Really Need Binary Options Auto Trading Software?

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016 in Binary Option Software, Binary Options, Tips, Traders | Comments Off on Do You Really Need Binary Options Auto Trading Software?

The arrival of auto trading software systems changed the binary options trading process over the last few years in such degree that it is very common to see serious traders that are using entirely automatic algorithms or robots for more reliable predictions. However, it is important to distinguish an actual binary options’ robot from a robot whose only drive is getting the trader’s money.

 Auto Trading Software is fast! When it comes to the price prediction, precise and accurate information is an absolute necessity. In regular trade, brokers are trying to see a huge amount of information in the search for patterns that are occurring from time to time. Many companies have multiple teams that are entirely dedicated to the process of gathering information, as it is creating a winning edge. When it comes to binary options trading, information can make or break your trades. Auto Trading Software can process a huge amount of information and notice specific patterns on the same way like trained economic experts do. Such patterns are signals or the most probable outcome of the trade. To generate a signal, binary options trading software usually process millions of transactions to find out a pattern that can be converted to a signal.

Auto Trading Software will save your time!

The binary trading system is based on a huge number of trades, such speed of interactions is impossible to be properly observed by any person.  More than that, binary options trading require constant engagement and investment that can be quite time-consuming activities. That is the exact reason why we are today using computers with word processing software for simple text typing rather than typing on an old-fashioned typewriter. Auto Trading Software will save you a lot of time, so you can focus on other things that will bring you a bigger profit.  It is pure logic, if you place every trade manually; you are limited by your abilities, while if you use the dedicated trading software, you will be able to meet greater results.

Auto Trading Software is fully programmable

The most common mistakes that new binary options traders have on Auto Trading Software is an opinion that they just need to click on start button, and profit will instantly be transferred to their bank account. It is far for truth; even the most advanced software will need you to specify searching limits and actions. Finally, you are the responsible for most important details like financial strategy, bankroll, loss reduction techniques and actual implementation of all elements in a successful trade. Auto Trading Software will simply do your instructions, so you must be sure that you know what you are doing.

We, as humans have a tendency to act irrationally or emotionally in situations of extreme happiness or distress. In binary options trading, a successful trader is always trying to drop emotions and stress as they obstruct proper logical thinking. If you find yourself to be over emotional in trades, Auto Trading Software might be an ideal solution for achieving better results.

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